The Hot 97 Morning Show THE REALNESS: P.E.D- Performance Enhancing Dominicans

    Today got to hang out on the Hot 97 Morning show w/Ebro, Laura Stylez, Kast One and Shani Culture.  We spoke on the MLB suspentions handed down over PED(Performance Enhancement Drugs).  Then Ebro totally goes in on my beloved Dominican people… Check the video after the jump


Mtv's Reality Show Washington Heights Ep. 9 [VIDEO]

‘While JP focuses on getting out of the Heights, Frankie and Ludwin come to terms on their relationship, and Reyna tries to fix things with Eliza and her dad’. via  check out the full episode after the jump


Mtv Reality Series Washington Heights EP 7 Full Episode [VIDEO]

 ‘Frankie and Fred organize an event downtown to showcase their friends’ talents. Reyna is excited for her first singing performance, but her parent’s divorce looms over her. Jimmy and Eliza’s relationship begins to unravel.’ via  The full episode after the jump 


El Batallon ft. DK La Melodia -Pal de Pesos Remix [VIDEO]

Click Here for the video


El Batallon ft. Dk La Melodia - Pal de Pesos Remix [MUSIC]

  El Batallon ft. Dk La Melodia- Pal De Peso rmx- El Batallon ft. Dk La Melodia – Pal de Pesos Remix  


Mtv's 'Washington Heights' Episode 5 [VIDEO]

The kids from ‘Washington Heights’ gave us another reason to talk about uptown nyc thia week.  In this episode Reyna gets into it seriously with her sister, Frankee and Ludwin are still trying to figure out where they stand as a “couple”.  Audubon is moving forward with his music career but hits a few bumps on the road… check the video after the jump