This The B Team [VIDEO]

A Hilarious take on what happens at a radio station when jocks stop being polite.  Ok not really, the weekend on air jocks finally get their moment to shine with the help of the new weekend Program Director.  Alot of funny, Zero shade. Episode 1 Premiers Monday May 19…. Hope you like it!!!


Hot 97's The Best Spaz-Outs Of 2013

Needless to say Kanye West is always 1st, 2nd and third place when it comes to letting the world know how he feels.  This year he took it there again but one of the most memorable moments was his interview with sway on his morning show.  Also check out Dj Khaled completely going in on Cipha Sounds and other Top Spaz-Outs of 2013 after the jump.


The Hot 97's Top 97 Moments of 2013 Part 3[VIDEO]

Another episode of The Hot 97 Top 97 Moments of 2013 coming your way check out more weird, funny, weird and shocking moments of 2013


In Case You Missed It: SNL Jimmy Fallon Christmas Album [VIDEO]

Jimmy Fallon hosted SNL this past week andyes as expected pure tears of comedy, check out this skit where he spoofs everyone literally lol check it out after the jump check out Family Feud ha!!! on SNL


Jimmy Kimmel This Week In Unnecessary Censorship [VIDEO]



This Is Beyond Hilarious Dj Khaled -No New Freinds The Movie [VIDEO]