Mondy Sept 1 The CrowdMover L.Boogs at TROPIX li [PHOTO]



Sunday August 31 The CrowdMover L.Boogs At CLUB SHO [PHOTO]


Friday August 29 The CrowdMover L.Boogs Live at RAVEL nyc [PHOTO]


Saturday August 16 The CrowdMover L.Boogs LIVE! at WALL ST. Li [PICTURE]


NEW MUSIC: Jeezy - "Seen It All (Feat. Jay Z)" [AUDIO]

Jeezy dropped his new song “Seen It All” which features Jay Z and produced by Cardo. The album also called “Seen It All” will be released on September 2nd. To hear the new song by Jeezy and Jay Z hit the jump


Tonight Friday June 6 Lets Celebrate At Van Dome in CT [PHOTO] #LboogsBday

  Lets start the weekend at CLUB VAN DOME in CT all my Gemini party people lets celebrate!!! Thank You to the good folks over at Belaire Rose