Rick Ross Sat Down With Sway To Speak On His Correctiosn Officer Past (VIDEO)

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Miley Cyrus Brings The Sexy To Brooklyn In VMAs Promo [VIDEO]

I guess when Jay Z was talking about “Somewhere In America, Miley Cyrus Is Still Twerking” he must of meant Brooklyn. You can catch her at MTV Video Music Awards which airs August 25th at the Barclays Center. In the promo Miley brings sexy to the Brooklyn’s filthy subway station with her whole posse which contains fire breathers and graffiti artists. To see Miley Cyrus in the new VMAs Promo […]


MTV Got Who To Design The Moonman For "Video Music Awards?" [VIDEO]

MTV has decided to let the world famous Brooklyn based artist KAWS to design the MTV Moonman for the upcoming “Video Music Awards.” There will be pieces from KAWS’ gallery present throughout the set-up of the show. He has influenced many Hip-Hop artists like Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. The MTV 2013 Video Music Awards will air August 25th at the Barclays Center. To view more background about the collaboration, […]


Mtv's Reality Series 'Washington Heights' Season Final Ep 11 [VIDEO]

‘Ludwin decides to leave the Heights and struggles with how he will break it to Frankie. Reyna seeks independence and makes some difficult choices. At a crossroads in his career, JP hears back about the national tour.’ via check the full episode after the jump


Mtv's Reality Show Washington Heights Ep. 9 [VIDEO]

‘While JP focuses on getting out of the Heights, Frankie and Ludwin come to terms on their relationship, and Reyna tries to fix things with Eliza and her dad’. via  check out the full episode after the jump


Mtv's reality show Washington Heights Episode 8 (VIDEO)

‘Taylor and Reyna stage an intervention with Frankie about her relationship with Ludwin. After taking a break, Jimmy and Eliza meet to decide what’s next, and JP meets with a rep from a record label. Could this be his big break?‘ via Washington Heights Get More: Washington Heights, Full Episodes